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Photos of Kevin Biskaborn: Guelph Flat Water Freeze Out Regatta

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In this photo: Kevin Biskaborn

[ Louise Johnsen photo ]
Start of the Champions Race Pre-start Sailing In Mid-Sequence Seconds to go! And They're Off! First Downwind Leg Starboard Positioning Establishing Room Just Finishing Another Busy Laser Start Line More of the Front Pack Downwind Leaders Kevin in Pursuit of Rick and Brad An Extremely Close, Pinching Finish One Minute to Go Positioning for the Line Closing on the Line A Clean Start Post-Start Positions Another Downwind Leg Finishing as Well Another Start Set to Go Heading to the First Mark And the Downwind Leg Heading Upwind Laser Fleet Start Reading the Upwind Shifts Another Upwind Leg Trying to Catch Brad Upwind both Legs Finding Some Wind The Award Presentations Lasers Finishing Crossing the Line Rounding onto the Downwind Leg The Laser Fleet in Between Races An Agressive Laser Start Inspecting the Rigging The Laser Fleet Upwind Trying to Catch Brad Rigging Up Sails are Up The Upwind Beat The Lasers Lapping the Wayfarers Surrounded by Lasers Heading In After the Finish Sailors on the Dock in Between Races Heading Back Out The Laser Fleet Awaits the Start Keeping a Steady Look Out for Any Mirrors The Downwind Leg to #4 Rounding the Leward Mark Another Rounding at Marker #4 Receiving 3rd Place in the Laser Fleet Striking Fear in the Mind of "The Hound" The Laser Fleet's Reaching Start Lasers on the Run Upwind Lasers The Upwind Leg Continues Calculating the Results The Laser Sailors The Destroyer on the Hunt Heading to the Finish A Crowded Dock After the First Race Heading Out for Another Race Lasers Awating a Start Lasers Just Before the Start The Laser Fleet At #3 Upwind and Downwind Lasers Laser Pre-start Sailing The Laser Fleet Navigating Downwind Lasers Heading Downwind to #1 Capitalizing on Rick Goldt's Experimenting "The Hound" and "Barth" in Close Pursuit of 61007 "The Hound" and "Barth" Still in Pursuit Lasers Reaching to the Finish Lasers Finishing Windward Heel of the Downwind Laser Fleet Lasers After Rounding Mark B Starting Positions Another Laser Start Tight Start Laser 38585 Squeezing into the Start More Lasers Following a Start Laser Fleet Start Laser and Wayfarer Sailing to Start Positions Cruising Before the Commodore's Sailpast The Unofficial Annual Commodore's Reception Soccer Match Rigging the Boats Light Wind Beating Gotta Keep Those Lasers Behind Me Slowly Moving Along Heading out to a Wednesday Night Race Wayfarer and Laser The Awards Tight Racing in the Laser Fleet The Biskaborn and Goldt Kids The Award Presentations Gathering for the Results Awaitng the Award Presentations
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