CANSail Dinghy Program

Certified Sail Canada Courses CANSail Levels 1 to 6

The Fanshawe Yacht Club Sailing School (FYCSS) delivers sailing instruction for adults and youth through Sail Canada's CANSail Dinghy Program, a leading sail training initiative (established in 2012) to foster performance in sailing and lifelong participation in the sport.

CANSail is designed to be a set of progressive learn to sail standards, comprised of 6 (six) distinct levels, focused on providing sailors with a solid foundation of core skills. It allows sailors to learn and progress in any type of boat and consolidates key skills and solid experiences before adding complex skills.

Each CANSail level has a checklist of associated skills that must be consistently performed by each sailor in order to achieve certification at that level. Students work toward 1 (one) level at a time. If a student consistently displays a skill from a higher CANSail level other than they are working towards, his/her checklist for that higher level will also be updated as appropriate.

Evaluation Checklists for CANSail Levels
Student Course Selection

To help determine which course a student should enroll in, refer to the documents below. The CANSail Course Selection Guide helps to determine the best course given a student's experience. The CANSail Conversion Chart maps the previous "traditional" CYA levels (White Sail, Bronze Sail, Silver IV and Gold V) to the new CANSail levels.

CANSail Levels at the FYC Sailing School

At the Fanshawe Yacht Club Sailing School, we offer our youth program as a day school through the summer months. CANSail Level 1 and CANSail Level 2 are offered in two-week sessions (4 each summer) and a conscientious student should be able to achieve one level in each two-week session. CANSail Level 3 and CANSail Level 4 are more complex and they are offered in four-week sessions (2 each summer) so that the serious student can attain one level per session. The advanced CANSail Levels 5 and CANSail Level 6, require more intensive training and practice by attending regattas through the entire summer season. At this stage, it is not unusual for students to work all summer to achieve one level.

Each adult CANSail Level 1 and CANSail Level 2 course has 30 hours of instruction. While students work towards one CANSail level at a time, it is possible to earn both levels in one session given the required skills are consistently displayed. Additional courses are offered following those levels for adult students to continue to their advanced CANSail levels.

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